Samantha Star Workshops Nov 9th

samanthastar3Pole – Hand Balance – Flexibility Instructor

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Samantha Star combines 12 years of pole experience with her knowledge of gymnastics, yoga, and hand balance to be a dynamic and informative instructor. She believes perfecting the fundamentals is the best way to gain strength and coordination to achieve a higher level of fitness and grace. By focusing on technique and core, she helps students attain a solid platform with which they can achieve confidence, strength and power. She teaches pole fundamentals, power moves, power spins, inversions, handstand and balance workshops around the country and in NYC at Body & Pole.

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November 9th, 2014

Ninja Tricks 90 min  – 1:30 – 3:00 pm Purchase this Workshop  ***** FULL ********
(advanced) $50 per person
Achievement unlocked… Pole Ninja. This workshop is all about tricks, spins and some of my favorite combos. Fonji, jade split switches, aerial handspring climbs, regular and cup grip phoenix, handstand variations just to name a few!

Ninja Apprentice – 90 min (beginner/intermediate)  3:00 – 4:30 pmPurchase this Workshop$50 per person
Wax on, wax off… Before you can get to big power moves, you have to start with your base and building blocks. This workshop will show you where to start when building up strength to achieve those big power moves! I’ll give a few tips on things you can even do at home, so you can get stronger faster! Also taught at Body & Pole in NY.

samanthastar_handINVERTable 90 min 4:30 – 6:00 pm  Purchase this Workshop
(all levels) $40 per person
Find balance in your handstands! In this workshop we will cover conditioning and prep to get you upside down as well as how to stay inverted longer. We will be playing with headstands and handstands, as well as a series of inverted core exercises that are fun and challenging. Being upside down is invigorating and leaves you feeling stronger, happy and accomplished. Also taught at Body & Pole in NY.


Samantha Star Credentials


• 2nd Place Pole Championship Series 2014 at the Arnold Sports Festival

• 3rd Place National Elite Division Midwest Pole Dance Competition

• 1st Place Women’s Division 2012

Pole Classic at Pole Expo 2013

  • 4th Place Nationals Pro/ Level 4 Championship Pole Sport Organization 2013
  • 2nd Place Atlantic Level 4 Championship Pole Sport Organization 2013

• APFA Pole Athlete of the year 2012


  • elevatED ~ Xpert ~ KT Coates
  • AFAA Group Fitness ~ 200hr YogaTeacher Training: Back Bay Yoga