Sally Cannoli Chair Dance Workshop Dec 20th

TAthena-Deanna-5608rained in musical theater and barre, experienced in balletic jazz and professionally homaging popstars in various clubs around the northwest, Sally Cardone brings you an eccentric and fantastic way to turn your chair into a key prop for a jazzkilling, cabaret dance extravaganza! Long since the vaudeville days, chair dance, or “chaireography”, has dazzled through theatre, pop, and rock culture.

Date: December 20th

Time: 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Place: Athena Vertical Dance 715 Commerce, Tacoma

What will I learn: Inspired by the popular and iconic choreography of Bob Fosse, her workshop teaches you this timeless and sexy spectacle. Mixing jazz, acrobatics, and modern pop (admit it, we have all tried to copy the sexy moves of Britney Spears at one time or another in our lives), stay fit, sexy, and fun as she shows you that a chair is used for more than just sitting.

Song: Santa Baby – Madonna


More about Sally Cardone can be found on her facebook page