Merry Go Round Broke Down Variety Show – Jan 31st

The Merry Go Round Broke Down a T-Town Variety Show

MerryGoRoundBrokeDownDate: January 31st 2015

Time: Doors Open at 8 pm Show starts at 9:00

Location: 733 Commerce Street, Tacoma

Tickets: 20$ per ticket.  30$ VIP Each ticket Both tickets come with two drink tickets.

Purchase: To purchase a ticket click here

Special Guest Star: Oliver Pavick His 2014 Awards include Pole Classic 2nd place, Pole Sport Organization finalist and Atlantic Pole Championship 2rd place.

What: It all starts as the merry go round breaks down causing these girls and guys to take a step down the T-Town rabbit hole.  This show will take you down an amazing journey through Toon Town (AKA T-Town) In true variety fashion we will feature pole dancers. belly dancers, singers, aerial lyra, burlesque and some mind blowing dancing.  With feature performers like Eros, Sally Cardone (aka Canoli), the Athena Vertical Dancers, and Pinkk D’vine its sure to change the way you think about Looney Tunes forever!

To have a look at the amazing actions photos from this show please check out these two great photographer links:

Scott Foster

MK Studios