Hula Hoop Classes

About the Instructor: Jenn (also known as Kat Flows) has been actively learning hoop dance and circus arts for the past two years. Ever since picking up her first hoop, she could never put it down. She would often train for hours a day and decided to spread the art. She started performing and teaching workshops and was immediately addicted. She has performed and taught workshops all over the Pacific Northwest. She loves training with other hoopers and the opportunity to bring people into the world of circus arts. Jenn has also trained with other circus/flow props including: wands, fans, poi, palm torches, and more. She is also trained in fire performance. Some highlight events that Jenn has performed and taught at include: What the Festival, Bumbershoot, and AMDEF. She can even be seen in one of Mac Duna’s music videos! Jenn loves to challenge her students to keep moving forward and to not give up. Coming from a dance background in her childhood, Jenn puts a focus on hand movements, footwork, poses, and posture. She encourages her students to put their emotion into their flow, be confident, and learn how to move with the hoop. Jenn also provides fun hoop parties and private lessons

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Beginner/Intermediate Hoop Dance Class:

Learn the foundations of hoop dance! Each class will include a warm up, conditioning exercises, stretching, and a focus on body and off body techniques. Every class will highlight a foundational movement and go in depth with exploring how to incorporate the movement into your flow.

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops: Every other Friday will put a focus on an advanced level hoop style and tricks.  Open to those who are determined to learn! Some concepts covered will be multiple hoops, hoop geometry, foot hooping, advanced combinations, transitions, trick variations, hooper performance training, and more. A portion of class time will also be dedicated to learning deep stretches for training 

Beginner/Intermediate:  Sundays 1:00  – 2:30 pm, Mondays 8:00 – 9:30 pm

Intermediate Workshop : Every Other Friday 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Open Gym Sundays 2:30 – 4:00

Price Structure

Beginner/Intermediate Hoop Dance Classes:

*$15 Drop In,

*$50 (four classes + discounted open gym)

*$100/month Unlimited (All beginner classes and access to open gym)

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops:

*$20 Drop In

*$70 four classes + discounted open gym

* $120/month unlimited : All beginner/intermediate/advanced level classes access to open gym

Open Gym: $10

Discounted Open Gym: $5