Brittnai Pyltar Workshops April 29th

DSC_6530Brittnai began her pole journey 4 years ago. She has since competed and performed around the country, and continues to grow her performance repertoire. Brittnai’s strength lies in drops, power moves, and heel work. She enjoys embracing and combining the sexy and powerful properties that the aerial arts present. She currently holds 4th place in the Southern Pole Championship’s Professional Division as well as the 2016 Miss Congeniality award at the Florida Pole Fitness Championship. Recently she qualified for the World Championship for USPSF Pole Art Ellite Division.
USPSF Pole Art Ellite Division World Qulalifier
COTAC 1st Overall + Pro Doubles as well as Best Tricks, Best Musicality, Crowd Favorite
USNPDC Exotic 2nd Place
USPDF Pro Card 2016
Dance Filthy Pro Finalist 2016
SW Pole Exotic 3rd Place
Sexy Flow 90 minutes 2:00 – 3:30 pm
Strap on your beloved 8 inchers and slink around for a burlesque/European style floor and pole routine.
SUGGESTIONS: Knee pads or long socks REQ: None
COST: $35 – Reserve Your Space
Advanced BaseWork – 90 minutes  3:45 – 5:15 pm
Cover up those knees and slink around for some low flow, Exotic pole. Learn dynamic rotations, shoulder stands and pivots, and develop some new tricks to add a wow factor to the base of your pole work! This class will build on the sexy flow and take your floor work to a whole new level.
SUGGESTIONS: Knee pads or long socks  REQ: None. 
COST: $45  – Reserve Your Space