Booty Bounce Workshop Dec 19th with Pink ChamPain

Pink D'vine TacomaBooty Bounce Class December 19th 

Beginners – 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Booty bounce is a class that brings you creative dance movement Pink D'vine Tacomawhile using your assets. Discover styles of dance from Latin, hip hop, Jamaican, and Burlesque. You’ll leave feeling sexy, confident, and in shape. Erin Deering also known as Pink D’vine is a Zumba instructor, dance instructor, and burlesque performer. Erin recently performed in the hit show Adventures in Oz by the Gritty City Sirens of Tacoma as the assel twirling lollipop guild. Join Erin as you explore different styles of booty dance with easy to follow instructions and most of all fun! To see a fun video of what Booty Bounce is please follow the link below 😉


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