Amanda Rose Ivy Workshops Jan 11th

amandarose3Amanda Ivy Rose – AWARDS

1st place Pole Championship Series (PCS) ‘14
2nd place California Pole Dance Championships ‘13

-Most Artistic 2013 -Most Entertaining 2013

2nd place North American Pole Dance Championships ‘13
1st place National Aerial Pole Art Neo ‘13

Dance in the Sky  3:00 – 4:15 – 65$ Purchase This Workshop  –  Learn to dance on the pole… it is not just for the ground! Discover how to play with tricks and musicality on the pole with Amanda Rose’s choreography for the pole, while learning new tricks and transitions along the way. (Students need to be able to do aerial inverts and feel comfortable with shoulder mounts.)

Floating on the Floor Choreography 4:30 – 5:45 – 65$ Purchase This Workshop – Discover the art of traveling and floating on the ground effortlessly in this choreography workshop focusing on unusual and unique floor work transitions with and without the pole in hand. Bring your leg warmers for more sliding and ease traveling across the floor.

Her facebook page can be found here 😉 Amanda Ivy Rose –  and her You Tube Profile