Jordan Kensley Aug 5th

Jordan Kensley August 5th

Jordan is a California based pole dancer and instructor.  She discovered pole in 2012 and decided she wanted to do that.  From the first spark of interest she has become a resident instructor at the world famous studios : Aeriform Arts, BeSpun, Cleo’s Rock N Pole and The Vertitude as well as traveling internationally.  She is also a resident dancer at the infamous Jumbos Clown Room under the name “Roxie”.  Jordan strives to embody the athlete, the artist and the goddess in every dance.

Each workshop is 60$ or you can pay $100 for both

Fuck Me Floor  AKA Down and Dirty Floor Work  – 2:00 – 3:30  –  60$

Booty Brushing Floor Flows, Dynamic Rolls and Floor Inverts.
Good for Beg/Int  – Purchase this Workshop

Add the sexiest, freakiest and most dynamic floorwork to your life. This workshop will teach you how to invert, flow and fly on the ground. Revolutionize how you feel working the ground to maximize how you can work the pole. Bring your heels, your sexiest outfit and get ready to roll around

Take a Seat 3:45 – 5:15  – 60$

Chair Tricks, Floorwork and Sexy Pole Movement.  – Purchase this Workshop

Ready to combine Fitness and Flirting? In Take a Seat you will learn a fun, acrobatic, and sensual pole routine using a chair to add an extra dimension to your movement. Master the chair as a prop during routines by learning seated tricks and sexy shapes and by learning how to connect your chair dance movements to the pole. Flashdance your heart out… This is not a lap dance class – Heels are optional.



Polesque NYC : Professional Overal Champion

Pole Theare Croatia 1st Place Professional Classique, Professional Overal Champion

Pole Show LA Choreographer & Featured Performer

Miss Pole Dance America Troupe Winner

Dance Filthy Australia 2nd Place International Professional Division

Pole World News Awards : Hottest Legs, Featured Performer


NAPD 2nd Place Professional

PSO Pacific Aerial Arts Championship Dramatic Professional 3rd

Pole Theatre USA 1st Place Professional Comedy Division, 3 rd Place Overall Champion

PSO Nationals 2nd Place Professional Artisitic