Gritty City Sirens Workshop


****Workshop Canceled******

Burlesque Basics With Gritty City Sirens’

Funny Face Fanny – Polly Pucker Up – Rosie Cheex & Heather Hostility

 July 20 th 4 pm – 6 pm  – $35


This is the perfect class to get a taste of what burlesque can do for your inner and outer self!
Start your journey by learning the basic bump&grind, standing/posing, walking, arms, and movement with intention.
This class will take your burlesque moves into the next level. As well as enhance your act and stage presence, by incorporating props such as glove, boas and bra removal.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable that you can move in. Also, bring comfortable low heels or flexible dance shoes, gloves, boa and lipstick.


To sign up please do so in the studio or by clicking on brown paper tickets